Overcome Financial Anxiety: 5 Steps for Female Entrepreneurs

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As I sat in that workshop, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The struggles of these female entrepreneurs hit me hard, and I knew I had to do something about it. Little did I know, this experience would lead me down a path of discovery and growth that I never expected.

Through my research and personal connections, I found a way to help women overcome their financial anxiety and achieve their dreams. It’s a journey that has been both challenging and rewarding, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Are you ready to take the first step towards financial success?

Work with your brain, not against it. Your brain is your best friend when it comes to finances. – Alejandra Rojas

Overcome Financial Anxiety Episode Take Away…

  • Discover powerful techniques to conquer financial stress and regain peace of mind.
  • Learn how to create enjoyable and attainable fiscal goals to transform your financial future.
  • Explore the significance of education and a growth mindset for long-lasting financial success.
  • Uncover proactive strategies to prevent accumulating financial tension and worries.
  • Grasp the importance of commitment and dedication in achieving your monetary objectives.

Topics we dove deeper in this episode:

Setting achievable and desirable financial goals
Setting achievable and desirable financial goals is a crucial component of overcoming financial anxiety and working toward financial success. Appropriate goals allow you to focus on your desires and keep the target within reach, ensuring motivation remains high. Moreover, setting goals that align with your values and aspirations is significant as they have a personal, emotional resonance that makes the pursuit more engaging and fulfilling. During the episode, Alejandra Rojas shares examples from her practice, such as helping a client break down her goal of generating $10,000 per month into smaller, more manageable steps. This approach enabled her client to remain motivated and committed to achieving her financial goals. Rojas highlights the importance of setting goals that not only spur excitement but also provide a realistic trajectory to success.

Reframing your mindset for financial success
Altering your mindset has a significant impact on your financial success. By reframing your beliefs, perspectives, and attitudes related to money, you shift the focus from negative emotions to a positive, goal-oriented mentality. In addition, focusing on abundance rather than scarcity facilitates a more optimistic and proactive approach toward financial management and decision-making. Alejandra Rojas emphasizes the connection between one’s mindset and financial achievements by sharing examples from her personal life and her clients’ experiences. She reiterates the importance of identifying negative thought patterns, acknowledging them, and then reprogramming them. Rojas also encourages her listeners to envision themselves as the person who has already achieved their financial goals, thus adopting a mindset conducive to success.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving financial success
Acknowledging and combating limiting beliefs is an essential step in achieving financial success. Limiting beliefs are usually deeply ingrained in an individual’s perspective and may have been formed through years of conditioning. These beliefs influence the way they handle money and shape their financial anxiety. It is crucial to recognize how these limiting beliefs impact one’s behavior and to work towards reprogramming them with a new, constructive belief system. This helps in removing the barriers to financial success and empowers individuals to become more confident in managing money. In this episode, Alejandra Rojas shares her insights on how overcoming limiting beliefs has led to significant changes in her personal journey and the lives of her clients. She emphasizes that by reflecting on these beliefs and working proactively to reprogram them, it can lead to substantial improvements in one’s financial situation. For example, Rojas discusses her experience as a money mindset coach and how clients have been able to overcome their financial anxiety by addressing their limiting beliefs and embracing more supportive perspectives.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:

Financial Anxiety: 5 Steps for Female Entrepreneurs
00:00:00 – Introduction,
The host introduces herself as a morning coach and talks about how these tips have worked wonders for her clients, specifically Lisa, who was sleep-deprived due to financial stress but was able to overcome it and grow her business.

00:00:55 – Financial Anxiety,
Financial anxiety is not a popular topic but is a real thing. It is the physical reaction that the body creates based on thoughts and stress related to money problems. This affects various aspects of life, including business and employment.

00:03:24 – Understand Your Money Beliefs,
The first step to overcoming financial anxiety is to understand your money beliefs, which are stored in the subconscious mind and drive behavior. Identifying and changing unhelpful beliefs can release anxiety in under 20 minutes.

00:08:10 – Reframe Your Mindset,
Reframing your mindset involves replacing unhelpful beliefs with thoughts and ideas that are useful for your vision and goals. This can be achieved by asking questions and finding ways to widen the lens of opportunities.

00:12:26 – Set Financial Goals,
Setting achievable and meaningful financial goals can help overcome financial anxiety. By breaking down large goals into small, achievable steps, it can become easier to achieve them and work with your brain, not against it.

00:18:21 – Making Financial Goals Sexy and Desirable,
The speaker emphasizes the importance of making financial goals desirable, sexy, and appealing by connecting them to pleasure and energy. This approach to goal-setting can help individuals achieve their financial objectives with a better mindset and understanding of their own motivations.

00:19:33 – Prioritizing Education on Money Mindset Work,
The speaker encourages listeners to prioritize their education on money mindset work to overcome financial anxiety and understand why it happens. They also stress the importance of learning how to turn around negative thoughts and feelings about money.

00:21:26 – Preventing Financial Anxiety Snowballing,
The speaker offers an RTT tip to prevent financial anxiety from snowballing and causing panic attacks. By imagining a future where financial goals have been achieved, focusing on the associated energy, color, smell, and wild animal, listeners can inhale and release negative emotions and release anxiety.

00:24:01 – Using Visualization Techniques to Release Anxiety,
The speaker explains how visualization techniques can help release financial anxiety. By inhaling and focusing on a color, smell, and wild animal that represents financial success, listeners can visualize releasing negative emotions and shooting an arrow far away from themselves, creating a sense of clarity and calm.

Resources mentioned on this episode

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