Reframing Money: How to successfully Transform your Mindset for Greater Success

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Step into Lucy Bekker’s world, a place where dreams become reality and success is defined by more than just dollar signs. As she embarked on her journey to run a nightclub with her sister, little did she know that her path would take an unexpected turn. Lucy’s story is a rollercoaster of emotions, from hosting a wildly successful all-women’s event to facing the daunting reality of being $1000 in overdraft. But amidst the chaos, she discovered a profound lesson that transformed her life. Join us as we delve into the twists and turns of Lucy’s financial journey, and uncover the surprising secret that led her to find fulfillment and happiness.

Being too afraid to look at your money is one of the things that I changed. The unknown is always a lot more terrifying.

– Lucy Bekker

Reframing Money: How to successfully Transform your Mindset for Greater Success Episode Take Away…

  • Realize the unexplored correlations between financial intelligence and entrepreneurial prowess, giving your venture an unparalleled advantage.

  • Unearth how the journey to find joy in your business can catalyze unprecedented profitable outcomes.

  • Leverage the power of a transformational money mentality, potentially inviting unforeseen financial gains to your enterprise.

  • Get comfortable with the ambiguities of entrepreneurial life and master the art of using them as stepping stones to triumph.

  • Explore the validity of all monetary forms as potential pillars to uphold your business, breaking the old-school norms around wealth acquisition.

Topics we dove deeper in this episode:


Value of Small Income

Now, let’s assume you’ve got multiple sources of income coming in; some big, some small. You might be tempted to focus solely on the larger ones overlooking the smaller streams, right? It’s a common mindset, but imagine a shift; start to appreciate every little contribution towards your financial stability. Small wins matter, and over time, they can lead to significant rewards. Drawing from Lucy’s experience, she initially dismissed the income from her side hustles or any other source outside her main business as insignificant. Soon she recognized the folly in her thinking, realizing this ‘small’ income also contributed to paying her bills and making her financially stable. Rather than undermining it, Lucy valued every bit of income that came her way and acknowledged its role in her overall business success.


Planning the Party

Remember a time when you put a plan into action purely for fun or passion’s sake, with no guaranteed financial reward? It might seem like an anomaly in entrepreneurship, but it can provide a refreshing perspective to your traditional business approach. Take Lucy and her sister’s all-women’s nightclub event as an example. Even though they recognized the risks and costs associated, they went ahead because they believed in the project. In less than a day, they turned a fleeting thought into a successful event that catered to 200 attendees, all while ensuring a safe and positive atmosphere. Their approach goes on to remind us that in business, and in life, it’s just as important to focus on doing things we are passionate about and that bring us joy.

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