Money Mindset Mastery: Is self-worth necessary?

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Challenge your beliefs, break free from stagnant business growth, and unleash your true potential as I, Alejandra Rojas, guide you through the subconscious blocks with money, unlocking the power of self-worth and overcoming the fear of becoming your parents in this transformative episode of The Money Mindset Show.

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Self worth is not a requirement for financial success. It is your birthright to be worth it, just like air.

Alejandra Rojas

Money Mindset Mastery: Overcoming Inherited Beliefs for Business Growth Episode Take Away…

  • Decode the unseen roadblocks that are restricting your financial prosperity and business development.

  • Highlight the intimate relationship between your self-value and your financial richness.

  • Address the apprehension of inheriting your parents’ money mindset and tactics to break free from it.

  • Master detaching your self-esteem from your financial results and business performance.

  • Develop the confidence to uplift your prices, convinced of the merit of your product or service.

Topics we dove deeper on this episode: 


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction,
    Alejandra introduces the topic of subconscious blocks and stagnant stages in business. She addresses the questions submitted by listeners about self-worth, becoming like their parents, and fear of raising prices.

    00:01:12 – Stagnant stages in business,
    Alejandra emphasizes that stagnant stages in business do not define a person’s worth. She encourages listeners to detach their self-worth from their business results and understand that they are not their business.

    00:07:57 – Self-worth and money,
    Alejandra challenges the popular belief that self-worth is directly linked to income. She believes that self-worth is inherent and not dependent on financial success. Changing the narrative around self-worth can help release subconscious blocks and allow for a healthier relationship with money.

    00:12:57 – Overcoming parental money beliefs,
    Alejandra shares her personal experience of growing up with parents who had different perspectives on money. She advises listeners to identify the specific ways in which they feel they are becoming like their parents and then challenge those beliefs by recognizing their own unique beliefs about money.

    00:19:18 – Fear of raising prices,
    Alejandra recommends listening to a previous episode on pricing for more in-depth guidance. She acknowledges the fear of raising prices but encourages listeners to question why they have that fear and explore the possibilities of pricing their products or services based on their own values and beliefs.

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