Overcoming Subconscious Beliefs the secrets no one is talking about

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If you’re feeling frustrated and defeated by the constant struggle to break through gender barriers and achieve financial success as a female entrepreneur, then you are not alone! Despite your hard work and determination, you may be experiencing challenges such as difficulty accessing funding, unequal opportunities, and biases that hinder your progress.


Instead of the financial abundance and success you deserve, you may constantly fight against the current, struggle to make ends meet, and face endless roadblocks. But fear not, because this podcast episode will provide you with the insight and strategies you need to overcome these challenges, transform your money mindset, and finally achieve the financial abundance and success you’ve been working so hard for.

Work with your brain, not against it. Your brain is your best friend when it comes to finances. – Alejandra Rojas

Overcoming Subconscious Beliefs the secrets no one is talking about EPISODE Take Away…

  • Grasp the intricacies of the trials and adaptions made by female entrepreneurs in the business landscape.

  • Gain insights into the transformative power of altering subconscious beliefs and behaviors for business enhancement.

  • Recognize how facing challenges can mold your monetary philosophy and propel your business’s expansion.

  • Delve into the process of letting go of outdated beliefs and welcoming change in one’s entrepreneurial journey.

  • Feel the exhilaration that comes from identifying your passion and problems that you are eager to resolve as an entrepreneur.

Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:00 – Introduction,

00:02:43 – Figuring It Out,

00:07:03 – Over Explaining,

00:09:05 – Changing Niches,

00:12:17 – Following Your Passion,

00:17:31 – Introduction,

00:17:31 – Importance of Money Mindset,

00:17:31 – Reviewing the Episode,

00:17:31 – Helping Wealthy Souls,

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Resources mentioned on this episode

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