Financial Freedom For Small Business Owners: How to Stop Guilt & Shame in 2024

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In our time together, we’re going to dig into the subconscious beliefs and societal pressures that often result in feelings of guilt and shame around money. As someone who has navigated these waters personally, I understand how crippling these emotions can be. My journey has seen its fair share of inner conflict and external pressures, but overcoming these hurdles has led me to financial success.

I’m here to share how I did it, so you too can move past these barriers, and achieve your financial goals.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about Financial Freedom for small business ownership..

  • How can guilt and shame hinder my path to financial success as a small business owner?
  • What societal beliefs contribute to feelings of guilt and shame around money?
  • How can I clear guilty and shameful beliefs to pave the way for financial growth?
  • What are the steps to define a clear financial strategy and overcome guilt and shame?
  • Can an improved mindset and clear strategy lead to inevitable success in business?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:00 – Guilt and Shame: The Impact on Financial Success
Alejandra discusses the impact of guilt and shame on financial success, highlighting the influence of these narratives on decision-making and action.

00:01:10 – Overcoming Cultural Narratives Around Money
Alejandra delves into the societal expectations and cultural narratives around money, particularly for women, emphasizing the need to proactively address and overcome these ingrained beliefs.

00:09:18 – Overcoming Guilt and Shame for Financial Success
Alejandra explores the role of guilt and shame in influencing actions and decisions, emphasizing the need for proactive steps to overcome these narratives in order to achieve financial success.

00:11:39 – Money Unleashed in 2024: A Blueprint for Financial Success
Alejandra introduces “Money Unleashed in 2024,” a comprehensive program designed to provide strategies and tools for achieving financial success in the upcoming year. She highlights the program’s focus on top strategies, tools, and structuring the year for financial growth.

00:16:52 – Taking Action Without Hesitation
Alejandra shares a powerful strategy for taking action without hesitation, emphasizing the importance of implementing a yearly vision to gain a comprehensive overview and make informed decisions for financial success.

00:19:03 – The Pleasure of Business
Alejandra discusses how running a business can be pleasurable and fulfilling, providing direction and strategy. She emphasizes the excitement of seeing it unfold according to your plan.

00:19:32 – Belief in Success
Alejandra expresses her unwavering belief that success is inevitable for the listeners, regardless of their own doubts. She urges them to trust in her confidence and hold space for their success.

00:19:56 – Support and Accessibility
Alejandra assures listeners that she is making success accessible to them, even if they don’t realize it. She encourages them to engage with the content and walk the path to ensure their inevitable success.

00:20:16 – Final Thoughts
Alejandra wraps up by reminding listeners to like, share, and subscribe to the podcast, as well as inviting them to join the “money unleashed in 2024” experience in January for a transformative financial journey.



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Resources mentioned on this episode

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  • Check out the SPS series, a powerful and easy-to-consume program that can help you achieve your mindset and transform your mind in under 20 minutes.
  • Join the community of female entrepreneurs who have transformed their mindset and achieved financial success by signing up for The Money Mindset Hub programs and services.
  • Consider booking a coaching session with Alejandra Rojas for personalized guidance on overcoming financial anxiety and achieving your goals.