Financial Freedom for Business Owners: The 3 Pillars of Building a Wildly Profitable Business

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Unlock the path to financial freedom and long-term business success as a mompreneur through actionable insights in this blog post. Discover how to achieve profitability and sustainable growth by implementing these valuable strategies today!

Ever wondered why some businesses flourish while others dwindle? We’ll explore this topic together, drawing on my personal journey from being a mompreneur to achieving financial freedom. As a mother and an entrepreneur, I’ve navigated the challenges and joys of building a business, learning valuable insights along the way.

I’ll be sharing these lessons with you, detailing how a holistic approach that encompasses the customer journey, a healthy money mindset, and a clear strategic vision can lead to long-term success and profitability.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about The 3 Pillars of Building a Wildly Profitable Business…

  • What are the three main factors that differentiate a regular business from a profitable one?
  • How can focusing on the customer journey contribute to the financial freedom of my business?

  • How can reframing my mindset around money help me achieve financial freedom?

  • Why is having a strategic vision so important in creating a profitable business?

  • Can I really achieve millionaire status in 2024, and what steps do I need to take to get there?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:11 – Creating a Business vs. Financial Freedom
Alejandra emphasizes the vast difference between simply creating a business and creating a business that provides financial freedom. She invites listeners to a three-day experience to learn how to transform their business into a financial freedom tool.

00:04:58 – Challenges in Achieving Financial Freedom
Alejandra discusses the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in achieving financial freedom. She questions why some entrepreneurs achieve financial success while others struggle, and highlights the three key components that differentiate a profitable business from one that isn’t.

00:09:17 – Focus on Customer Journey
Alejandra emphasizes the importance of focusing on the customer journey and how it’s just one component of creating a profitable business. She shares a real-life example of a Reiki Master who struggled to evolve her business despite crafting a message and attracting clients.

00:11:41 – Mind Reframing with Money
Alejandra delves into the significance of mind reframing with money and its limitations in creating a profitable business. She highlights how constantly seeking better results can lead to disappointment and self-doubt, hindering business success.

00:16:46 – The Strategic Vision for Business Success
Alejandra emphasizes the importance of strategic vision in creating a profitable business, explaining how it plays a crucial role in planning, laying out products or services, and achieving financial freedom. She underscores the need for a holistic approach beyond mindset work.

00:20:46 – Strategic Vision and Planning
Alejandra discusses the importance of having a strategic vision and planning in achieving business goals, especially for mompreneurs aiming for financial freedom for their families.

00:21:08 – Importance of Process
Alejandra emphasizes the value of the process and appreciating time off as part of the journey towards achieving strategic vision and goals, without sacrificing profit.

00:22:11 – Three Days Experience
Alejandra encourages listeners to sign up for a three-day experience where she will provide a step-by-step guide on achieving financial success and becoming a millionaire by 2024.

00:22:32 – Overview of Creating Customer Journey
Alejandra highlights the importance of creating a customer journey and the difference it makes in achieving financial freedom, including products, services, and a strategic vision for the business.

00:23:19 – Taking Action
Alejandra urges listeners to take action by applying the learnings from the episode and shares that she looks forward to hearing about their progress at the Money Mindset Expert.



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  • Check out the SPS series, a powerful and easy-to-consume program that can help you achieve your mindset and transform your mind in under 20 minutes.
  • Join the community of female entrepreneurs who have transformed their mindset and achieved financial success by signing up for The Money Mindset Hub programs and services.
  • Consider booking a coaching session with Alejandra Rojas for personalized guidance on overcoming financial anxiety and achieving your goals.