How Financial Freedom Works: A Complete Guide for Business Owners

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Let’s dive right into a subject close to my heart – creating a financially stable and prosperous business. It’s something I’ve grappled with in my own journey as an entrepreneur. Starting out, I was just like you, full of ideas and ambitions, but a bit unsure of how to navigate the path to financial freedom. I had to learn how to tackle limiting beliefs, plan effectively for the future, and make strategic decisions that would propel my business forward.

I’m excited to share with you exactly how I did it, and guide you on your journey toward financial stability and freedom.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about Financial Freedom for business owners….


  • What are the common challenges that prevent small business owners from achieving financial freedom?
  • How can setting clear goals and intentions help overcome limiting beliefs in business owners?
  • Why is forward planning crucial for long-term business success and financial stability?
  • How can a small business evolve from infancy to adolescence for greater financial prosperity?
  • What are some effective strategies to address and overcome traumas that hinder business growth?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:00 – Staying in the Baby Stage
Alejandra discusses why businesses stay in the baby stage despite being established for a long time and should have grown. She emphasizes the importance of preparing for growth and creating a business that represents financial freedom.

00:01:12 – Money Unleash in 2024
Alejandra mentions the upcoming free experience, Money Unleash in 2024, and encourages listeners to sign up for it. She explains that the experience will provide steps to create a business as a financial freedom tool.

00:02:50 – Business Growth and Evolution
Alejandra emphasizes the importance of business growth and evolution. She highlights the need for clarity on what growth means to individuals and the significance of valuing and driving the business towards growth.

00:04:12 – Business Stagnation
Alejandra discusses the reasons why businesses stay in the baby stage without experiencing growth. She emphasizes the importance of understanding that revenue alone does not signify business growth and addresses confusion and lack of achievability as common obstacles.

00:14:03 – Commitment to Growth
Alejandra encourages commitment to growth and highlights the significance of treating the business as a path rather than an option. She emphasizes the need for strategic vision, planning, and a clear decision to pursue the business as a full-time endeavor.

00:17:51 – The Importance of Clear Intention
Alejandra emphasizes the importance of making active decisions and having clarity in business. She discusses the impact of lacking clear intention and the need to create financial marks for long-term success.

00:18:35 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Alejandra addresses how unclear goals lead to limiting beliefs and trauma in business. She emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to clear these beliefs in order to achieve financial freedom.

00:20:58 – Future Planning and Vision
The discussion focuses on the need for entrepreneurs to shift from thinking in the moment to planning for the future. Alejandra highlights the challenges of getting stuck in the daily operations and not seeing the bigger picture.

00:23:10 – Steps to Financial Freedom
Alejandra outlines a three-day plan to help entrepreneurs understand why their business may not be growing and how to create a profitable business for financial freedom.

00:26:19 – The Process of Business Growth
Alejandra emphasizes that building a business for financial freedom is a process that cannot be rushed. She shares a client’s success story in growing her business from a baby to a teenager through targeted steps and addressing specific challenges.




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