How to Achieve Financial Freedom: Importance of systems for Small Business Owners

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Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending loop of trial and error, trying to grow your small business and guessing how to achieve financial freedom? Well, I’ve been there too. Trying to manage everything on my own while hoping to achieve financial freedom seemed like a distant dream.

But guess what? The game-changer for me was understanding the importance of systems.

I will walk you through my own journey, explaining how the implementation of systems not only helped me avoid repeating the same mistakes but also elevated my business and showed me how to achieve financial freedom.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about how to achieve financial freedom

for  small business owners…


  • What are the essential systems needed for business growth towards financial freedom?
  • Can implementing business systems from the start contribute to a successful launch?
  • How do business systems help in learning from a business’s story and achieving the desired outcome?
  • How does simplifying customer experience through business systems help in scaling and engagement?
  • What role does intentional focus on specific areas play in elevating the frequency of money in business?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:00 – The Importance of Systems in Business
Alejandra discusses how systems are essential for business success, emphasizing that they are more than just a way to receive payment. They provide flow, structure, and scalability.

00:02:17 – The Impact of Proper Systems
Using the analogy of driving a car on proper roads, Alejandra explains that proper systems prevent avoidable mistakes and help businesses learn and grow from their experiences.

00:04:29 – Systems in Action
Alejandra shares a real-life example of how implementing systems helped an energy healer in Italy sell out her offer before it was even finished, leading to a projected 25K launch.

00:06:50 – Systems for Financial Freedom
Alejandra breaks down the importance of systems in relation to the stages of the financial freedom process, emphasizing the need for clear paths and steps to achieve financial goals.

00:13:43 – Simplifying Processes for Customers
Alejandra stresses the importance of simplifying processes for customers, as complex processes can lead to customer disengagement and hinder business scalability.



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