The 3 Money And Mindset Shifts for a Sexy Financial Plan: How a Simple Mindset Shift Can Lead You to Financial Freedom

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Here’s a truth bomb for you: planning for a financially free year is entirely possible, and I’m excited to share how I made it happen.

Hi, I’m Alejandra, a former financial stressor turned money mindset maverick. My journey began when I realized how my negative views on planning were impacting my financial wellbeing. I used to see it as a constraint, a reminder of what I lacked rather than a tool for expansion and alignment with my goals.

In this sharing, you’ll learn the money and mindset shifts to follow a clear financial freedom strategy and set powerful intentions, making it possible to plan effectively for a financially free year.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about how a simple money and mindset shift can lead you to financial freedom…


  • How can we redefine financial planning as a tool for expansion rather than a constraint?
  • What strategies can help maintain a financial freedom mindset?
  • How can setting clear intentions contribute to a financially free year?
  • Can you provide examples of effective intention drafting exercises for financial planning?
  • Why is it vital to shift our negative money mindset narratives when planning for financial freedom?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:00 – Shifting Money and Mindset Narratives
Alejandra discusses the importance of shifting money mindset narratives to effectively plan for a financially free year. She acknowledges the negative connotations associated with financial planning but emphasizes the need for a more positive and expansive approach.

00:03:02 – Financial Planning as a Tool of Expansion
Alejandra shares her perspective on financial planning, viewing it as a tool for expansion rather than a constraint. She emphasizes the importance of setting goals and milestones to fuel financial growth, shifting the focus from perceived lack to expansion and alignment.

00:09:29 – Following the Financial Freedom Strategy
Alejandra discusses the financial freedom strategy and its role in guiding the planning process. She highlights the importance of following a path and flow that aligns with the goal of financial freedom, emphasizing the need to plan for expansion rather than scarcity.

00:12:54 – Setting Intention for Financial Planning
Alejandra emphasizes the significance of setting intentions with the necessary energy, time, and thought. She discusses the role of intention in driving behavior and motivates listeners to draft their intentions for a financially free year, highlighting the importance of intention in achieving financial goals.



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