Financial Trauma: Strategies for Business Owners to Achieve Growth and Freedom

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the financial stress and uncertainty of running your own business? Our guest, Alejandra Rojas, will share her insights on how to tackle financial trauma.

Alejandra is no stranger to the pressures of entrepreneurship. Her own journey as a business owner towards financial freedom was paved with challenges and experiences that many of us can relate to. From dealing with the inherited beliefs about money to facing the societal barriers as a female entrepreneur, Alejandra has successfully navigated these obstacles and more.

She’ll be sharing exactly how she did it, providing you with actionable steps to create a path towards financial success while reducing stress.

Understanding financial trauma and its various forms is crucial for business owners who often experience financial stress. Read now for a path to financial freedom and sustainable growth.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about financial trauma and strategies

for business owners to achieve financial freedom…


  • What are some common types of financial trauma that affect business owners?
  • How can generational beliefs impact your financial decisions in your business?
  • What is self-reflection trauma and how does it influence your financial perspective?
  • How can systemic barriers hinder financial progress and business growth?
  • What are practical steps to overcome financial trauma and achieve business success?


Topics we dove deeper in this episode: 

00:00:00 – Understanding Generational Financial Trauma                     

Alejandra Rojas discusses how generational financial trauma shapes money beliefs and experiences, affecting business owner´s decisions., emphasizing the importance of awareness and clearing these inherited beliefs to achieve financial growth.          

00:09:37 – Unpacking Self-Reflection in Financial Trauma                     

Rojas delves into the impact of self-perception on financial decisions, highlighting the influence of societal narratives on identity, self-worth, and financial reality.

She emphasizes the process of recognizing and challenging these patterns to break free from self-reflection financial trauma.          

00:13:56 – Breaking Down Systemic Financial Trauma                     

The discussion focuses on societal and institutional barriers shaping financial journeys, particularly for marginalized groups. Rojas addresses the need to recognize external forces and navigate systematic biases through financial literacy and seeking supportive communities.          

00:17:37 – Facing Contextual Financial Trauma                     

Rojas highlights the challenges faced by female and BIPOC entrepreneurs within the financial system. She emphasizes the need to acknowledge and address systemic failures, encouraging individuals to recognize and confront contextual financial trauma.          

00:20:55 – Taking Action to Overcome Financial Trauma                     

Rojas encourages listeners to engage with the series of steps provided through email, aimed at supporting business owners in clearing various types of financial trauma.

She emphasizes the importance of staying informed and taking proactive steps towards addressing and overcoming financial trauma.          

00:21:25 – The Impact of Contextual Financial Trauma on Entrepreneurship                     

Alejandra discusses how the context of entrepreneurship and financial responsibility can trigger trauma, including the battle against financial uncertainty, cash flow issues, and fear of not making enough.          

00:22:23 – The Cycle of Stress and Undervaluing Offers                     

The stress and pressure of entrepreneurship can lead to undervaluing offers and working tirelessly without seeing desired growth. It’s important to acknowledge the overwhelming feelings and clear unhelpful beliefs.          

00:23:37 – Addressing Contextual Financial Trauma                     

Business Owner acknowledge the stress and pressure of entrepreneurship, and evaluate useful beliefs and thoughts. The mismatch between upbringing and entrepreneurial context can create trauma. Alejandra encourages sharing experiences to shed light on this issue.          

00:25:05 – The Impact of Upbringing on Entrepreneurial Mindset                     

Alejandra explains the impact of upbringing on mindset and perspective regarding financial success. She uses the example of growing up in a family of doctors and wanting to pursue entrepreneurship, highlighting the mismatch in skills and beliefs.          

00:26:49 – Overcoming Contextual Financial Trauma                     

Overcoming contextual financial trauma involves identifying and developing the right skills and mindset for the entrepreneurial path.

Alejandra invites listeners to engage with her on Instagram and LinkedIn to share their experiences and provides resources for clearing this trauma.



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