How to Overcome Family Influences As A Business Owner and Achieve Financial Freedom

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You’re in the right place if you’re a business owner aiming for financial freedom but feeling the pull of familial and cultural expectations. I’ve been there too.

As business owners, we are often guided by cultural and familial influences that shape our financial decisions. The path to financial freedom, however, requires us to challenge these influences and address our deep-seated financial traumas.

Born and raised in a Latino culture with a strong emphasis on family, I had to confront my own financial trauma. It wasn’t an easy ride, and it required examining my cultural and familial beliefs around money. Through these experiences, now, as a business owner, I’ve learned valuable lessons and developed strategies that I’ll be sharing, designed to help you navigate your path towards financial freedom.

This endeavor is more than just financial freedom. It’s about liberating ourselves from the shackles that hinder our personal growth, professional progress, and overall wellbeing.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about overcoming family influences as a business owner who wants to achieve financial freedom…

  • How can cultural and familial values impact your financial decisions as a business owner, and paths to financial freedom?
  • What are some strategies to overcome the fear and doubt arising from setting new financial goals?
  • How can you neutralize the emotional charge associated with financial trauma?
  • What are the benefits of increasing the volume on your services or products in clearing financial trauma?
  • How can business owners handle the lack of support or understanding from family members in their business endeavors?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode:

00:00:00 – The Impact of Culture on Financial Freedom

Alejandra discusses how cultural values, particularly around family, can impact the path to financial freedom for business owners. She highlights the communalities between Latino, East European, and Asian cultures in valuing family and the sense of obligation to provide for them.

00:03:40 – Family Narratives and Financial Decisions
Alejandra shares how family narratives and interactions have shaped her money decisions and how they continue to affect her clients. She emphasizes the need to filter out certain conversations and beliefs to move towards financial freedom.

00:06:28 – Overcoming Fear and Setting Financial Goals
Alejandra reflects on a fearful moment when increasing the financial goals for her business. She emphasizes the importance of not letting fear and family narratives get in the way of setting and achieving financial goals.

00:09:55 – Identity and Cultural Influence
Alejandra discusses how identity and cultural background shape perspectives on financial freedom. She emphasizes the need to clear mind creations and concerns related to family, in order to access creativity and focus on planning for success.

00:16:58 – Transforming Family Challenges into Strengths
Alejandra explores the idea of using family support and opinions as strengths on the path to financial freedom as a business owner. She highlights the importance of clearing the mind’s processing of family-related information to stay focused on the path to success.

00:19:31 – Overcoming Trauma with RRT
Alejandra shares her experience with Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) and how it helped her clear trauma, leading to a shift in her point of view and decision-making process.

00:22:18 – Increasing Value in Services
Alejandra emphasizes the importance of going deeper into your craft, understanding why and how you do it, and for whom. She highlights the value of confidently and passionately speaking about your offerings.

00:25:27 – Dealing with Family and Ideal Clients
Alejandra discusses the importance of identifying your ideal clients and recognizing that family may not align with your business journey. She encourages a shift in perspective to minimize the impact of family opinions on business decisions.

00:28:51 – Fueling Creativity for Financial Freedom
Alejandra emphasizes the need to prioritize fueling creativity over entertaining negative concepts. Clearing financial trauma is essential for this, and she encourages listeners to explore the financial freedom process at



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