Money Mindset Coach Reveals Guide for Business Owners to Overcome Emotional Stress

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As a business owner, financial challenges can be an unwelcome part of the business journey. Just as important as it is to manage these financial aspects, it is equally crucial to manage the emotional burden they bring.

The importance of having guidance form a Money Mindset Coach to help you develop the right mindset and resilience in these challenging times can´t be overstated.

By improving our mindset, we can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth, enhancing our professional journey while maintaining our personal wellbeing.

If you’ve ever felt the weight of financial stress as a a business owner, you’re not alone – here’s a Money Mindset Coach you can lean on and trust!

Truthfully, it’s a common struggle many of us face. I’ve been there myself, grappling with the emotional toll of fiscal challenges and the mindset shifts necessary for business ownership. Starting out, I struggled to transition from being an effortless receiver at a traditional job to becoming a creator and seller in my own business. Over time, I’ve learned the importance of recognizing and addressing financial trauma. I’ve found ways to navigate these hurdles more effectively, and I’m excited to share my journey and insights with you! Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma, Money Mindset Coach.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about money mindset coach guide to overcoming emotional stress …


  • What is financial trauma and how does it impact business owners?
  • Can a Money Mindset Coach help business owners identify and address their predominant type of financial trauma?
  • What are the key mindset shifts needed when transitioning from a traditional job to entrepreneurship?
  • How can business owners navigate the emotional toll of financial challenges?
  • To create predictability and control over income, what are some practical strategies that a Money Mindset Coach can offer business owners?

Topics we dove deeper in this episode:

00:00:00 – Understanding Financial Trauma
Alejandra Rojas, Money Mindset Coach, discusses the experience of increased anger and frustration around money as a business owner compared to receiving a paycheck. She introduces the concept of financial trauma and its impact.

00:02:14 – Generational Trauma and Entrepreneurship

Alejandra shares her personal experience with financial trauma, inherited from her mother’s product-based business. As a Money Mindset Coach, she emphasizes the need to address and clear financial trauma for business success.

00:03:20 – Romanticized Views of Business Ownership
Alejandra critiques the romanticized portrayal of business ownership as a path to financial freedom. She highlights the need for guidance from a Money Mindset Coach on the mental, emotional, and strategic aspects of money management in entrepreneurship.

00:08:43 – Shifting from Receiver to Creator
Alejandra explains the shift from being an effortless receiver in a traditional job to the creator or seller side as a business owner. She discusses the need to reframe the concept of safety and ease around money in entrepreneurship, both of which could be addressed by a Money Monset Coach.

00:17:48 – Understanding Anger and Its Purpose
Alejandra delves into the biological purpose of anger, using the example of a zebra’s response to a predator. She highlights the role of anger in empowering individuals to overcome challenges and obstacles in business ownership.

00:20:41 – Recognizing Financial Trauma in Entrepreneurship
Alejandra discusses the impact of financial trauma on entrepreneurship and the difference in perception between a nine to five job and business ownership. She emphasizes the guidandace of a Money Mindset Coach need to create a safe environment around money to fuel the journey towards financial freedom.

00:22:39 – Overcoming Subconscious Triggers
Alejandra shares a personal experience of a subconscious trigger related to a financial alarm, highlighting the importance of addressing such triggers. She emphasizes the need to redirect focus towards real currencies like creativity, intuition, and opportunities.

00:24:31 – Identifying and Addressing Financial Trauma
Alejandra encourages listeners to pinpoint the source of financial trauma and offers a quiz to help in this process. She introduces the concept of working within a framework to objectively address and clear financial trauma as it arises.

00:26:07 – Finding Proof and Using a Framework
Alejandra advises listeners to find proof of their ability to create a different definition of safety and income prediction. She recommends seeking guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, a Money Mindset Coach and using a framework like “Money Unleash” to mirror and address narratives stemming from financial trauma.


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