5 Powerful Steps to Manifest Financial Freedom and Personal Growth

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Increasing your bank account or achieving milestones is not the only way to manifest financial freedom and personal growth. It is also about tapping into the potential that lies within you and realising that you have the power to create your reality.

This topic is important because it addresses a fundamental aspect of our lives – our financial well-being and personal development. When we learn to harness and direct our thoughts towards financial freedom and growth, we can transform not only our personal lives but also our professional spheres. We can break through limiting beliefs that have held us back and step into a realm of endless possibilities.

The journey of personal growth and to manifesting financial freedom is often challenging, with many uncertainties and low moments. However, these challenges should not discourage you. Instead, they should serve as catalysts for growth. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

Get ready to dive deep into an unexpected journey from manifestation to pregnancy as Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma, and Hannah Summerhill, a manifestation coach and freelance writer, share their experiences and insights on manifesting financial freedom and personal growth.

In this engaging discussion, Hannah will share her personal journey of discovering the Law of Attraction, immersing herself in its principles and seeing its impact in various aspects of her life. She’ll detail the steps she took to apply these principles, including her experience interviewing pop icon Christina Aguilera for Vogue. This relatable story, full of desire, uncertainty and trust, serves as proof that manifestation isn’t just about wishing, but involves a deep spiritual process.

The insights shared in this episode are designed to guide you through the process. So absorb the knowledge, apply it in your context and watch the transformation unfold as you manifest financial freedom.

Answers you’re going to find in thhis episode about How to manifest financial freedom and personal growth…


  • What is the importance of understanding the flow of money in manifestation?
  • How can we address financial trauma and manifest financial freedom?
  • What are the parallels between the manifestation process and pregnancy?
  • Can you share tips on how to manifest financial freedom and personal growth?
  • How does the Manifesto club offer a safe and empowering space for individuals exploring manifestation?


Topics we dove deeper in this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction and Background
Alejandra Rojas and Hannah Summerhill discuss their journey since joining the peer mentors group and how Costa Rica marked a new era for them. They also touch on Hannah’s background in writing and her introduction to manifestation.

00:04:49 – Understanding Manifestation
Hannah explains manifestation as a deep spiritual process that involves energy, intention, and experiencing both highs and lows. She emphasizes that manifestation is not just about positive thinking, but also about embracing the journey, including the lows.

00:10:01 – Hannah’s Four-Step Manifestation Process
Hannah outlines her four-step manifestation process, starting with desire and energy, followed by uncertainty valley, release and trust, and finally manifestation and gratitude. She highlights the importance of personal growth during the uncertainty valley phase.

00:13:29 – Embracing Uncertainty and Personal Growth
Alejandra and Hannah discuss how uncertainty is a natural part of the manifestation process that leads to personal growth and financial freedom. They use the analogy of a valley, emphasizing that the journey through uncertainty can lead to quicker release and trust in subsequent manifestations.

00:16:21 – Manifesting an Interview with Christina Aguilera
Hannah shares her excitement about manifesting an interview with Christina Aguilera, her idol. She hints at using the same manifestation process and framework to land the interview and an article for Vogue, showcasing the real-life application of her manifestation techniques.

00:16:31 – Deep Connection with Christina Aguilera
Hannah shares her deep connection with Christina Aguilera and her belief in attracting the people we’re meant to interact with.

00:19:39 – The Power of Manifestation
Hannah talks about the power of manifestation and how she manifested an opportunity to cover Christina Aguilera’s residency for Vogue.

00:22:01 – Trusting the Process
Hannah discusses her journey through uncertainty and worry while waiting for the interview with Christina Aguilera, emphasizing the importance of staying calm and grounded.

00:24:55 – Manifestation Success
Hannah reflects on the successful interview with Christina Aguilera and the power of intention, gratitude, and manifestation in achieving her goals.

00:29:06 – Manifesting as a Practice
Hannah and Alejandra discuss the practice of manifesting, starting with small, believable manifestations, and building trust in oneself to overcome challenges and limiting beliefs.

00:31:53 – Redefining the Money Equation
Alejandra and Hannah discuss how money is more than just a simple equation and is actually a flow that includes money in, money out, and money invested. They emphasize the importance of clearing up financial trauma and changing the mindset around bills.

00:34:36 – Understanding the Manifestation Process
The conversation shifts to the manifestation process, and how it’s not just about desiring something and expecting it to happen. They talk about the importance of understanding the values and growth that need to happen in the journey towards manifestation, especially for entrepreneurs.

00:40:07 – Surrendering to Nature’s Manifestation
Hannah shares her personal experience with pregnancy, highlighting how it’s a natural manifestation process that happens without conscious effort. She emphasizes the need to release worries and trust in nature’s ability to bring about the desired outcome.

00:45:04 – The Sunday Night Manifestation Club
Hannah explains the structure and purpose of the Sunday Night Manifestation Club, a four-week program focused on the four steps of the manifestation map. She emphasizes the supportive and empowering energy within the club, welcoming both new and experienced manifestors.

00:48:26 – The Power of Safe Containers
The conversation touches on the importance of creating safe containers for deep and meaningful conversations. Both Hannah and Alejandra reflect on their transformative experience in Costa Rica and emphasize the lasting impact of being in a supportive and empowering environment.

00:50:01 – The Power of Branding and Manifesto Club
The conversation starts with Alejandra and Hannah discussing the branding of the Manifesto club and how it reflects the concept of tranquility and nature, setting the tone for the manifestation journey.

00:50:33 – Embracing the Manifesting Journey
Hannah shares her hope for the manifesting journey to feel like sliding on a rainbow, even if it leads to a valley. She emphasizes resilience and getting back up on the rainbow after a soft, bouncy landing.

00:51:02 – Closing Thoughts
As the conversation comes to an end, Alejandra asks Hannah to share any final thoughts with the audience. Hannah emphasizes the importance of enjoying the manifesting journey and directs people to find her on Instagram and her website for more content.

00:51:46 – The Power of Branding and Inspiration
Alejandra reflects on the impact of the landing page branding and how it has left a lasting impression. Hannah shares her enjoyment in creating the branding and directs people to her website for more content and the Manifesto club.

00:52:05 – Connecting with Hannah
Hannah provides her contact information, directing people to find her on Instagram and her website for more content, including her Christian Aguilera interview, podcast, and the Manifesto club.




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