Top Money Mindset Strategies for Balancing the Material and Spiritual World

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Dive deep into the fascinating world of numerology, money mindset and spiritual world with the help of Andrew Gabelic and Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma, Money Mindset Coach.

Andrew is the brain behind “Teledipity”, an innovative numerology app that offers insights to guide individuals through their daily lives. His journey, from rediscovering numerology during a phase of unemployment to turning his passion into a successful business, makes him an inspiring figure for anyone seeking to balance their spiritual and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Merging the entrepreneurial spirit with spiritual balance is not just important, it’s the key to a fulfilling, successful life. When we strike a balance between our financial ambitions and our spiritual goals, we are able to make decisions that align with our values, generate wealth without compromising our peace of mind, and ultimately lead a life that is rich in all senses of the word.

This isn’t just about making money while practicing mindfulness, it’s about creating a life where success and spirituality coexist harmoniously.

I made the least money when I was focused on making money, and I’ve made the most money when I forgot about it. And that’s when it started, like, suddenly. Just because it wasn’t what I was focused on and it wasn’t what I was giving importance – Andrew Gabelic.

Let’s go on a journey with Andrew as he shares with us how he has incorporated the best money mindset strategies and spiritual practices into his journey to financial freedom.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about Numerology, money mindset and spiritual world…


  • How can numerology contribute to money mindset and financial freedom in entrepreneurship?
  • What is the significance of January 1 numerology in business ventures?
  • How can one balance the pursuit of money with personal creativity and spiritual connections?
  • How does the Teledipity app provide insights into one’s spiritual journey and money mindset?
  • What are some strategies to avoid letting the pursuit of money overshadow the exploration of personal growth and self-discovery?


Topics we dove deeper in this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction to Teledipity

Alejandra Rojas introduces Andrew Gabelic as the creator of Teledipity, a numerology app. She discusses her daily use and the app’s ability to provide accurate and insightful information on money mindset.

00:02:32 – Andrew’s Background and Inspiration
Andrew shares his special bond with his grandmother, who was spiritually inclined. He discusses how this connection led him to numerology and eventually inspired him to create Teledipity.

00:08:40 – Teledipity’s Purpose
Andrew explains the vision behind Teledipity, highlighting its role in providing positive nudges and reminders to bring users back to their intended path throughout the day.

00:10:42 – Impact of Identity on Money Mindset
Alejandra Rojas delves into the impact of identity on money mindset and entrepreneurship. Andrew reflects on the ongoing process of questioning and doubting one’s purpose and the evolving nature of life’s missions.

00:14:09 – Ethics in the Spiritual Business World
Andrew shares his thoughts on the spiritual business world, highlighting the importance of authenticity and the potential pitfalls of following trends. He discusses the challenges of being in a unique field and the misconceptions surrounding spiritual practices.

00:14:47 – Embracing Spirituality in Business
The conversation delves into the ethical implications of entrepreneurship and the importance of aligning one’s business with their beliefs. Andrew expresses his struggle with embracing spirituality publicly while maintaining his entrepreneurial identity.

00:16:15 – Passion in Entrepreneurship
Andrew emphasizes the importance of passion in entrepreneurship, comparing it to parenting. He believes that if you don’t love what you do, it’s difficult to sustain and succeed in the long run.

00:18:05 – Authenticity in Entrepreneurship
The discussion touches on the significance of authenticity in entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to sharing one’s beliefs and creating solutions. The conversation highlights the challenges of validation and criticism in the entrepreneurial journey.

00:20:03 – Unique Approach to Spirituality in Business
Andrew shares his unique approach to spirituality in entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of not losing one’s identity in the entrepreneurial space. He encourages individuals to embrace their own special approach to spirituality and put it out into the world.

00:23:38 – Numerology Cycles and Life Mission
Andrew provides insights into numerology cycles and life missions, explaining the significance of nine-year cycles and their impact on personal growth and development. He also highlights the specificity and accuracy of numerology in forecasting and life missions.

00:28:50 – Personal Experiences and Numerology Themes
The guest discusses how different individuals have unique experiences within a three-year cycle, but there are connections between themes. The parallels between personal experiences and those of friends in the same year are highlighted, showcasing the repetitive nature of themes in numerology.

00:29:36 – Repeating Themes in Numerology
The guest compares numerology themes to the similarity between two romantic comedies with different stories but similar emotional arcs. They emphasize that individuals may be in different life situations every nine years, but the recurring themes are significant and fascinating.

00:30:59 – Personal vs. Collective Cycles
Andrew explains how personal and collective cycles in numerology can overlap but have different flavors due to individual perspectives. They share their own experiences from 2014 and last year, illustrating the repetition of themes and the significance of personal growth within these cycles.

00:31:55 – Numerology vs. Astrology
Andrew discusses the difference between numerology and astrology, highlighting that astrology focuses on planetary positions and birth times, while numerology relies on the makeup of personal numbers derived from names and birth dates. They emphasize the spiritual significance of a person’s name at birth and its role in numerology.

00:38:40 – Birthday to Birthday Numerology
Andrew addresses the debate between January 1 numerology and birthday to birthday numerology, explaining the differences in personal year calculations. 

00:41:47 – The Significance of January 1 Numerology
Andrew explains the popularity and history behind January 1 numerology, emphasizing its weight and legacy in the numerology community.

00:43:16 – The Evolution of Telldepp and Its Features
Andrew discusses the development of Teledipity app, clarifying that it is not powered by AI and explaining the decision behind offering numerology insights for free.

00:47:36 – Andrew’s Approach to Building an Audience
Andrew shares his organic approach to building an audience and how it led to the evolution of his business model, emphasizing the importance of providing value and impact before monetization.

00:50:06 – The Relationship Between Numerology and Money
Andrew distinguishes between spirituality and superstition in numerology, highlighting the importance of faith, journey, and focusing on aspects beyond money for success and abundance.

00:55:45 – The Real Currency of Entrepreneurship
Alejandra Rojas summarizes the conversation, highlighting the interconnectedness of all aspects of entrepreneurship and the importance of focusing on creativity rather than a scarcity-based money mindset.

00:56:22 – Balancing Control and Spiritual Exploration
The conversation delves into the balance between controlling one’s life and exploring spiritual connections. Focusing on different life themes can lead to a smoother ride in life.

00:56:50 – Money Mindset and Soul Pathway
Money is inevitable in our financial system, but focusing too much on it can take away from exploring one’s soul pathway and spiritual connections. It’s more fulfilling to explore creativity and spiritual gifts.

00:57:45 – Telepity App and Personal Discovery
Alejandra Rojas encourages listeners to download the Telepity app and explore its accuracy. They emphasize the importance of discovering one’s personal summary and invite listeners to share their experiences.

00:59:24 – Gratitude and Continued Support
Andrew expresses gratitude for the opportunity to add value to people’s lives through the Telepity app. They thank users for using the app and extend an invitation for further engagement.



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