Business owners: Overcome financial trauma and improve your wellbeing with RRT

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If you’re a business owner at war with yourself every time you make a financial decision and feel trapped in a cycle you can’t escape, we’re delighted to introduce you to Jon Connelly, an expert in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), who will help you understand and overcome financial trauma.

Jon Connolly’s journey began in the challenging realms of child protective services, where he worked with families facing allegations of abuse or neglect. His experience later extended to helping runaway teenagers escape dire situations. It was during these encounters that he witnessed the struggles of individuals coping with trauma.

This spurred his quest for a more effective approach to healing, leading him to question conventional therapeutic methods. Unsettled by the idea of re-traumatizing individuals in the pursuit of healing, Jon sought alternative ways to address emotional turmoil. His dedication to finding solutions that alleviate suffering and promote holistic well-being has shaped his unique perspective on overcoming financial trauma.

In his discussion with Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma, Money Mindset Coach, he’ll unveil how unconscious thoughts and feelings drive our behaviors as business owners, and how aligning those with our conscious decisions can lead to overcome financial trauma and improve financial management. Discover the unconventional yet effective approach to overcoming financial trauma and achieving holistic well-being.

You won’t believe how Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), transformed a childbirth experience, removing all the drama and aftermath, without any medication. Jon reveals how he’s helping individuals shift their mindset around money, clear emotional turmoil, and make better financial decisions. He has facilitated positive outcomes using RRT, providing a fresh perspective on dealing with financial stress.

The good news is we can painlessly, quickly, and economically fix all of that so that people can begin to live lives that are gratifying and satisfying. – Jon Connelly.

It’s time to break free from traditional therapy methods and embrace a fast, painless, and economical solution to financial trauma. Business owner, are you ready to join the RRT community and thrive? Stay tuned for the unexpected journey ahead.

Answers you’re going to find in the episode about RRT, Financial trauma in business owners and emotional wealth…

  • How does RRT help business owners in overcoming financial trauma?
  • What role does unconscious thinking in business owners play in financial decision-making?
  • How can aligning behavioral choices with genuine feelings aid in effective financial management and overcoming financial trauma?
  • In what ways can RRT contribute business owners to improved their mental clarity and financial decisions?
  • What benefits does the RRT community offer business owners struggling with financial trauma?
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Topics we dove deeper in this episode:

00:00:00 – Career Beginnings in Child Protective Services
Jon discusses his career start in child protective service work, focusing on families dealing with abuse or neglect.

00:02:10 – Revamping Traditional Therapy
Jon critiques traditional therapy, highlighting its lengthy, painful, and ineffective nature. He emphasizes the need for a new perspective and approach to bring about change.

00:08:25 – Rapid Resolution Therapy and Solutions
Jon explains the principles of RRT, emphasizing its fast, effective, and non-painful nature. He also discusses the availability of free solutions for those in need.

00:11:27 – Addressing Iatrogenic Illness
Jon addresses the issue of iatrogenic illness caused by medical professionals and the emotional disturbance it leads to. He emphasizes the need for an alternative that is fast, effective, and non-painful.

00:16:35 – Shifting Behavior through RRT
Jon explores how RRT works to change behavior, citing the role of emotions, thoughts, sensations, impulses, and habits in influencing actions. He emphasizes the importance of aligning actions with what individuals, such as business owners, truly want.

00:19:23 – Battling Against Oneself
Jon discusses the internal struggle within oneself, highlighting conflicting desires and the misconception of winning the war against oneself. He emphasizes the importance of aligning with oneself to achieve victory together.

00:20:43 – Shifting Desires
Jon explains the need to shift one’s desires rather than repressing oneself with willpower. He emphasizes the power of internal shifts in changing what one wants, leading to a natural disinterest in previous desires.

00:23:15 – Emotional Disturbance
Jon delves into how emotional disturbance impacts various aspects of life, such as money, sex, and food. He stresses that many societal issues stem from emotional disturbance and highlights the possibility of painlessly addressing and resolving these issues.

00:27:28 – Money and Safety
The conversation tackles the belief that money equals safety and how this mindset can lead to misguided decisions. Jon uses an analogy to illustrate the consequences of making decisions based on fear, emphasizing the need to operate from a clear mindset.

00:30:12 – Overcoming Blocks
The discussion addresses the pervasive belief of being blocked from attracting money. Jon challenges the notion of being blocked and criticizes the industry’s tendency to promote expensive and uncomfortable methods to overcome perceived blocks. He highlights the need for a more effective approach to addressing these beliefs.

00:38:10 – Seeking Wellness Solutions
Jon discusses the shift in seeking wellness solutions, from engaging in unconventional practices like sweat lodges to traditional therapy sessions.

00:39:27 – Unconventional Healing Methods
Jon shares his experience with unusual healing methods, such as sweat lodges and consuming solutionic drugs, and questions their effectiveness in comparison to traditional therapy.

00:41:00 – Trauma Resolution
The conversation shifts to addressing traumatic experiences, with Jon comparing it to fixing a car after a car accident and finding someone skilled in clearing mental dents caused by trauma.

00:42:37 – RRT for Pain Management
Alejandra Rojas shares her positive experience using RRT for pain management during childbirth, highlighting the effectiveness and ease of the process.

00:45:11 – Resources for Personal Growth
Jon promotes his books, “Life Changing Conversations” and “Grief is Not Sacred,” and encourages listeners to explore the RRT community for personal growth and support.



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  • Consider booking a coaching session with Alejandra Rojas for personalized guidance on overcoming financial anxiety and achieving your goals.